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EpCAM-positive circulating tumor cells and serum AFP levels predict outcome after curative resection of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Kocheise L, Schoenlein M, Behrends B, Joerg V, Casar C, Fruendt TW, Renné T, Heumann A, Li J, Huber S, Lohse AW, Pantel K, Riethdorf S, Wege H, Schulze K, von Felden J. SCI REP. 2023 Nov 27;13(1):20827.  Link

Efficacy and safety of atezolizumab/bevacizumab in patients with HCC after prior systemic therapy: A global, observational study.

Joerg V, Scheiner B, D Alessio A, Fulgenzi CAM, Schönlein M, Kocheise L, Lohse AW, Huber S, Wege H, Kaseb A, Wang Y, Mathew A, Kuang A, Muzaffar M, Abugabal YI, Chamseddine S, Phen S, Cheon J, Lee PC, Balcar L, Krall A, Ang C, Wu L, Saeed A, Huang YH, Bengsch B, Rimassa L, Weinmann A, Stauber R, Korolewicz J, Pinter M, Singal AG, Chon HJ, Pinato DJ, Schulze K, von Felden J. HEPATOL COMM. 2023 Oct 27;7(11):e0302.  Link

Unannotated small RNA clusters in circulating extracellular vesicles detect early stage liver cancer.

von Felden, J., Garcia-Lezana, T., Dogra, N., Kozlova, E., Ahsen, M. E., Craig, A. J., Gifford, S., Wunsch, B., Smith, J. T., Kim, S., Diaz, J. E. L., Chen, X., Labgaa, I., Haber, P. K., Olsen, R., Han, D., Restrepo, P., D’Avola, D., Hernandez-Meza, G., Allette, K., Sebra, R., Saberi, B., Tabrizian, P., Asgharpour, A., Dieterich, D., Llovet, J. M., Cordon-Cardo, C., Tewari, A., Schwartz, M., Stolovitzky, G., Losic, B., Villanueva, A., 10.2022, in: GUT.  71, 10, S. 2069-2080. Link


Liquid biopsy in the clinical management of hepatocellular carcinoma

von Felden, J., Garcia-Lezana, T., Schulze, K., Losic, B. & Villanueva, A., 11.2020, in : GUT. 69, 11, S. 2025-2034 10 S.  Link


Tumour evolution in hepatocellular carcinoma

Craig, A. J., von Felden, J., Garcia-Lezana, T., Sarcognato, S. & Villanueva, A., 03.2020, in : NAT REV GASTRO HEPAT. 17, 3, S. 139-152 14 S.  Link


Mutations in circulating tumor DNA predict primary resistance to systemic therapies in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

von Felden, J., Craig, A. J., Garcia-Lezana, T., Labgaa, I., Haber, P. K., D'Avola, D., Asgharpour, A., Dieterich, D., Bonaccorso, A., Torres-Martin, M., Sia, D., Sung, M. W., Tabrizian, P., Schwartz, M., Llovet, J. M. & Villanueva, A., 01.2021, in : ONCOGENE. 40, 1, S. 140-151 12 S. Link


DNA methylation profiling of human hepatocarcinogenesis

Hernandez-Meza, G., von Felden, J.*, Gonzalez-Kozlova, E. E., Garcia-Lezana, T., Peix, J., Portela, A., Craig, A. J., Sayols, S., Schwartz, M., Losic, B., Mazzaferro, V., Esteller, M., Llovet, J. M. & Villanueva, A., 25.11.2020, in : HEPATOLOGY. Link

*shared first authors

β-Catenin Activation Promotes Immune Escape and Resistance to Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Ruiz de Galarreta, M., Bresnahan, E., Molina-Sánchez, P., Lindblad, K. E., Maier, B., Sia, D., Puigvehi, M., Miguela, V., Casanova-Acebes, M., Dhainaut, M., Villacorta-Martin, C., Singhi, A. D., Moghe, A., von Felden, J., Tal Grinspan, L., Wang, S., Kamphorst, A. O., Monga, S. P., Brown, B. D., Villanueva, A., Llovet, J. M., Merad, M. & Lujambio, A., 08.2019, in : CANCER DISCOV. 9, 8, S. 1124-1141 18 S. Link


Experimental Models of Liquid Biopsy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Reveal Clone-Dependent Release of Circulating Tumor DNA

Labgaa, I., von Felden, J.*, Craig, A. J., Martins-Filho, S. N., Villacorta-Martin, C., Demartines, N., Dormond, O., D'Avola, D. & Villanueva, A., 06.2021, in : HEPATOL COMM. 5, 6, S. 1095-1105 11 S. Link

*shared first authors


The burden of hepatitis E among patients with haematological malignancies: A retrospective European cohort study

von Felden, J., Alric, L., Pischke, S., Aitken, C., Schlabe, S., Spengler, U., Giordani, M. T., Schnitzler, P., Bettinger, D., Thimme, R., Xhaard, A., Binder, M., Ayuk, F., Lohse, A. W., Cornelissen, J. J., de Man, R. A. & Mallet, V., 09.2019, in : J HEPATOL. 71, 3, S. 465-472 8 S. Link


Circulating tumor cells as liquid biomarker for high HCC recurrence risk after curative liver resection

von Felden, J*., Schulze, K., Krech, T., Ewald, F., Nashan, B., Pantel, K., Lohse, A. W., Riethdorf, S. & Wege, H., 27.10.2017, in : ONCOTARGET. 8, 52, S. 89978-89987 10 S.  Link

*shared first authors